Electrifying Platformer ElecHead

Welcome to ElecHead

Yesterday, I found myself browsing itch.io looking for an indie game to review. I was looking for shorter games that I could play and review on the same day, but also something I would be interested in. There are tons of games on there to choose from. As I was scrolling through, ElecHead by Nama Takahashi caught my eye. The art style and platformer genre reminded me of “older” flash games I played when I was a kid. It just felt like a game I could see on Miniclip or Nitrome.

As soon as I started up the game, I was absolutely right. It felt like those games I used to play as my younger siblings watched me. Or the games they’d come to me with if they were stuck on a level. The controls were a bit different from what I’m used to. The arrow keys moved left and right while the C key was jump. However, I eventually learned why the up arrow was not used to jump.

X makes you throw your head!

Eventually, the player is introduced to a new mechanic that allows you to throw your head. Your head is what makes the electricity work. So, you can throw your head somewhere while you let your body go elsewhere. Be careful though, you only have ten seconds to return to your body or you go back to the last checkpoint.

Along with being a puzzle and platformer, ElecHead is also an exploration game. There is not just one path to the finish, you are meant to explore a lot and find some collectibles. In my first run through the game, I failed to find any collectibles somehow. I’m a collector so I’m not sure why I didn’t explore. Since I only know the location of one such collectible, I can’t spoil it for anyone. Trust me, you want to explore the game as much as you can, it’s worth it.

As someone who likes to explore, this hurt me

One of my favorite things is that sometimes when you get your head back, you have it upside-down. It’s goofy, but it’s fun to see. I like stuff exactly like this, it’s just slightly off from what you’d expect and it adds some charm to the game.

Overall, if you like platformers or puzzle games and miss flash games, ElecHead is a must-play. Without further ado, here’s a link to the game’s page on itch.io: https://namatakahashi.itch.io/elechead.

What are you waiting for? Go download and play the game! It’s right up there!

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